Disclosure Policy

April 23, 2022 was the day of the final approval.

To the extent permitted by law, the "Policy" applies to all software products (hereinafter referred to as "Games") developed, published, and/or administered by "Dashofking" (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") and to other services provided by the Company that are directly related to the Games and approved by an order issued by the Company on April 6th, 2022.

Confidential information and personal data of persons who use the Games (referred to as "Users") are accessed by the firm throughout its operations, such as the publishing, distribution, and administration of Games over the Internet.

Personal data and other information may be required by the Company in order to identify Users in the Games and comply with User Agreement requirements. As a result, the company is reaffirming its commitment to maintaining the confidentiality of any and all information it collects.

If you use the Games, you're giving the company access to some of your personal information and data. This includes completing the registration process, sending messages and letters, and more. As a condition of using any of the Company's games, you agree to allow it to collect and store your personal information (such as your name, first name, patronymic and photo (aka "avatar" in the social media world), your username, password, ID from social media networks, IP addresses, Cookie files, and your email address).

All personal data of third parties, including surnames, names, patronymics and phone numbers, e-mail addresses, residence addresses and passport data must not be collected, used or posted by the User in the Game or any of its services without their permission.

It is the User's responsibility to keep his or her username and password secure, as well as any other information he or she uses to access the Game or any of its services.

Users should avoid disclosing any of their personal information, including phone numbers, addresses, and bank account details, to third parties through the registration process or as a result of any activities taken while playing the Games.

As part of operating the Games, the Company additionally obtains various technical and in-game information related to the User's use of the Games, including:

information about the time and number of times a user enters the game, the in-game locations they visit, the items they buy and sell, the data and commands they use to play the game, the missions they accept and the tasks they complete, the number of in-game actions they commit with other players, and the number of invites they receive.
The Company's Use of Data and Information
Information and data obtained from the user may be used by the company for the following purposes:
The management of the user's account, the provision of games to the user, their provision of additional information and resources for the games, their provision of additional service access, their communication with other users, their provision of customer service, and their modification, addition and improvement of the games all fall under this umbrella.
commitment to maintaining the confidentiality of data and information and to disclosing it when necessary
It is the responsibility of the Company to keep all information and data received from the User secure, and to take all necessary legal, organizational, and technical measures to prevent unauthorized or accidental access to that data, as well as its destruction or alteration, blocking, copying, provision, or distribution, as well as other illegal actions involving that data. Other than as clearly stated in this Policy, the Company will take all reasonable steps to ensure that no information or data is disclosed or used in any other manner.

Access to the User's personal information, including personal data, may only be gained by Company employees, consultants, and auditors who are obliged to access such information to fulfill their tasks.

Only with the User's permission does the Company have the right to disseminate information and data submitted by the latter to other parties. The user consents to the company disclosing their personal information to the following third parties:

If such disclosure is required for the administration of justice, enforcement of a judicial act, or other official action subject to enforcement in accordance with the laws of the United States, the User's personal information will be shared with third parties, such as law enforcement agencies.
In order to fulfill its obligations under the User Agreement, the Company retains the User's information and personal data as long as it is required for these objectives, as well as to comply with applicable law and to implement court orders.

Name, position, and email address of the individual in charge of processing personal data at the business.

Receiving and making use of confidential data and information provided by minors
In order to use services similar to the Games developed and/or under the administration (control) of the Company, the Company does not accept or collect intentionally any information and data on persons who have not reached the age specified by the legislation of their country of residence (location), including names, surnames, addresses, telephone numbers and/or e-mail addresses.

Children under the age of 18 are not allowed to participate in the games or disclose any personal information without the express permission of their legal guardians or guardians-in-chief.

Games produced and/or administered by the Company utilize cookies (small files kept on a user's computer that hold information about the user's previous action) to help with authorisation and remember the user's language preferences.

For the purposes of determining which areas of the Games or Company sites a user has visited, as well as which games and services he or she is most interested in, as well as tracking their movements around the sites, the Company is authorized to place cookies and other types of web beacons on its and the games' websites. When a User registers, the Company's database is updated with this information. Using this information, the corporation improves the games' functioning, provides more useful information and services, and also utilizes it for marketing reasons.

A user's browser has the ability to control whether or not cookies are set. However, if cookies are disabled, the user may be unable to use all the game's features.

Only games produced, published, and/or managed by the Company are subject to this Policy. To be clear, the Company does allow third-party links and ads in certain games, including those that connect to other websites. The company cannot be held responsible for the user's failure to adhere to the terms of this policy on such sites, nor can it guarantee that the user will not disclose private information or personal data there.

When you visit our website, adverts are sent to you by third-party advertising businesses. In order to provide you with relevant adverts, these firms may collect non-personally identifiable information (such as your IP address, browser type, and the pages you've visited) about your online activities. Click here (http://www.networkadvertising.org/management/opt out.asp) to learn more about this practice and your options for opting out of having this information utilized by these firms if you'd like.

User's personal data in the Company's databases may be accessed by the User at any time. By sending an email to eviocontact@gmail.com, the User may request that the Company not use the information and data outlined in this Policy. Because of this, after receiving a user's request for a ban, it is not possible for the Company to guarantee that the User will be able to use the Company's games and other services without restriction.

Subject to the limitations outlined in this Policy, users may make changes to their information and data at any time.

If the legislation changes, the company has the right to make modifications to this policy at any moment.

The laws of the United States govern this Policy and any problems that may arise between the User and the Company, regardless of where the User is located.