ATTENTION! YOU AGREE TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION THE GAME "" LOCATED AT THE ADDRESS In the event that you download, copy or otherwise use any part of the game, or participate in the game process in any way, you agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

As a Game Licensee (also referred to as "Licensee"), your relationship with the Limited Liability Company "Dashofking" (hence referred to as the "Licensor") is governed by this End User License Agreement (the "Agreement").

The terms of this Agreement are defined in the following paragraphs:
Data, commands, and generated audiovisual images (hereinafter referred to as "data" and "commands") are used sequentially to achieve a specific result by the Licensee provided by the Game script, without making a payment (activated data and commands), or after making a payment (paid data and commands) (non-activated data and commands). The Licensor grants the Licensee the right to utilize data and commands (activated and non-activated) in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Individually or in combination, Licensor owns the essential rights to the Game and its components. The Game is licensed to the Licensor, who may use, operate, and distribute the Game.

Because of this, in order to protect the parties' rights and obligations under this agreement, Licensor hosts all other game-related information (including non-activated data and commands) on the s, while the Licensee is responsible for reproducing the Licensor's predetermined set of game-related data and commands on his computer or personal device (the "Game Client" if provided by the Game functionality).

In order to access the Licensor's resources, including the Game, the Licensee must utilize the Game Website, which may be found at and its subdomain addresses. Through notifications on the Game Website and other means, the Licensor provides Licensees with the information they need to know.

Resources (Resources) include any servers, software and databases relevant to the Game that are hosted, among other places, on the domain or via links given by the Licensor in the Game. 1.3.

Non-exclusive license is granted to the Licensee by the Limited Liability Company "Dashofking," which distributes, operates, maintains, and administers the Game for the Licensee. 1.4. This Agreement includes the Licensor as a party.

As a result of this Agreement, Licensee is a person who is legally entitled to engage into this Agreement and who is given the right to use Game in accordance with this Agreement. This Agreement includes the Licensee as a party.

At the time of registration, the Licensor creates the Licensee's Account (Account), which enables the Licensor to track each Licensee and allow the Licensee to log in to the Game.

In this Agreement, "Transfer of the Rights to Use the Game" refers to a basic non-exclusive license that the Licensor grants to the Licensee to use the Game.

Rights to non-activated data and instructions are the rights purchased by Licensee for a charge, which enable the Game to expand its in-game goods, such as by using the "Shop" feature in the Game or other methods. All of the in-game goods have in-game values, including the Game's money.

As a result of the Licensee being granted permission to utilize non-activated data and instructions within the parameters set out in this Agreement, the Licensor is entitled to receive compensation from the Licensee. The Licensor sets the remuneration, which is based on the quantity of non-activated data and instructions that the Licensee is allowed to utilize.

It is the Licensee's responsibility to make sure that any software required for their participation in the game is downloaded and installed on their computer or mobile device before they begin playing. On the Game's website,, Licensees may enter and register themselves to download the Client's portion of the Game. The Licensor and/or its authorized people may disseminate the Client's component of the Game via physical media as well as the Internet. Unless otherwise specified in this Agreement, the Client's portion of the Game supplied over the Internet is given free of charge to the Licensee with the right to reproduce.

It is the content of this License Agreement that contains all required and material conditions for providing rights to use the Game as a computer program, which is between the Licensor and the Licensee. It is appropriate to treat the Game Rules and any other papers referred to herein as annexes to this Agreement and as an important part of that agreement.

2.12. The License Agreement's Rules (Rules) are accessible on the Internet at:, which governs how Licensee's usage and activities in connection to the Game are restricted. At any moment, the Licensor may amend the Game Rules without notifying the Licensee. The Licensor informs the Licensee of these modifications through the Game Website. Consent to modifications in the Game Rules is an indication that the Licensee is still using the Game.

Affiliation Requirements for This Agreement
Prior to playing the Game, the Licensee must read this Agreement, all relevant Rules, and other materials freely accessible in the Licensee's Account at

Article 2.2 states that the Licensee acknowledges this Agreement by clicking on the "Play" button or the like, which is in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

Assume that the person who was permitted to play the game is the rightful owner or manager of the Account, as authority to use and control the Account was granted during registration.

3. The Agreement's Subject Matter
Licensor provides Licensee the right to use the Game as software (computer programs) and/or database under the terms of a basic non-exclusive license, as defined in this Agreement, subject to Licensee's compliance with the conditions of this Agreement.

As long as the conditions of this agreement are followed, the Licensee has the right to utilize both active and non-activated data and orders.

As soon as $ appears on the Licensee's Game Account, the Licensor has fulfilled its responsibility to give the right to utilize non-activated data and instructions, as defined in Section 3.3. Since that time, the Licensee has the right to utilize, in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, the volume of non-activated data and instructions that correspond to the number of in-game values $.

Non-activated data and instructions are decided by the Licensor in relation to the quantity of in-game values$ in the form of an in-game currency of the Game. The Licensor sets the ratio of reward to in-game value $ in the form of in-game money for the Game.

Remuneration payments are not required for participation in the game and may be made at any time within the Licensee's good mood.

4. The Game's Usage Restrictions
Use of the Game is permitted as follows:

Participate in the game by establishing an account and character in the game, alter the game's material while playing, and comply with the game's rules at all times.

To participate in the Game, you must install the Client's portion of the Game on a computer (either on a personal computer and/or on a mobile device).

using the active data and orders in order to accomplish a certain game result

following the payment of the Remuneration to the Licensor, the right to activate Non-activated data and instructions and use them, including the opportunity to accomplish a result decided by the Game scenario more rapidly or in some other manner than utilizing the right described in article 4.1.3;

4.1.5. to modify the licensor-provided personal settings for the game;

There is no need in this agreement for the Licensee to provide information on how the Game is being used.
4.2. The Licensee is prohibited from the following actions:

You may not, under any circumstances, distribute the Client's Game or its copies in any way for the benefit of another business or non-profit organization, nor may you publish them on the Internet for anyone to download at any time.

translate the game into different languages, 4.2.2.

Any commercial use of the Game, including but not limited to the distribution of any portions of the Game for commercial purposes, is prohibited.

Non-activated data and commands granted to the Licensee for compensation, game characters, game accounts and other objects not expressly permitted by the terms of this Agreement may be distributed or transferred to third parties for commercial or non-commercial purposes and information about such actions may be disseminated;

As described in Article 1 of this Agreement (the "Game"), the Licensee's rights to use the Game may be transferred to other Licensees or other parties through a sublicense or otherwise.

The Licensee agrees not to: 4.2.6. use the Game in any manner that is not expressly permitted by this Agreement, the Game Rules, or any other methods, including the use of Game code errors and other gaps that may develop in the course of the Licensee's use of the Game and this Agreement;

In particular, it is banned to display advertising and (or) other advertisements connected to business in the Game and (or) conduct other activities in the Game that offer significant advantage to the Licensee; in other words, it is prohibited to utilize the Game for commercial purposes.

Use another person's account;

transfer or trade the account of another user, including by gift or exchange; 4.2.9.

It is prohibited to employ automated scripts for any sort of interaction with the Game.

4.2.11: utilize other people's personal information to send them unsolicited email;

use any intellectual property items in the game without permission from their owners (section 4.2.12);

Third-party information, such as home addresses, telephone numbers, and passport details, may not be distributed in the Game without their approval.

Except as approved by the Licensor, do not disseminate commercial offers, propaganda, or any other invasive material in the Game;

To harm or degrade the honor and dignity of other users or third parties, and to transmit links to such content, is prohibited in the Game.

Obscene, derogatory, and insulting terms and phrases may be used in the Game, even if they are used as a username by the User.

Host harmful software or links to sites that may include such software;

distributing obscene or sexual items and links in the game is prohibited.

It is prohibited in the Game to make threats and appeals for violence, as well as criminal conduct;

Spreading items that incite violence, cruelty, or racial or religious hostility in the game, as well as links to other sites that do so, falls under 4.2.20.

show a Nazi, extremist, extremist emblem, or other equivalence in the game's promotion and demonstration;

4.2.22. Make criminal and other illegal conduct visible in the game, as well as provide instructions on how to carry them out;

To convey material in the game that the Licensor considers to be illegal, unethical, or ethically questionable; 4.2.23.

Don't violate the law in every way possible.

Termination of the Licensee's rights to use the Game, including any non-activated data or instructions, is based on the Licensee's violation of the provisions of this Agreement.

The Licensor's responsibilities.
The Licensor is responsible for the following:

The Licensee will be able to use the Game only in accordance with this Agreement's terms and conditions if you:

5.2. disseminate notice on the Game Website informing the Licensee of any modifications to the provisions of this Agreement;

Licensees may utilize active data and instructions from Game Websites free of charge, unless otherwise stated in this Agreement.

Allowing the Licensee to make use of non-activated data and instructions in exchange for payment is step 5.4.

Sixth: The Licensor's Rights
To the extent permitted by law, the Licensor may:

License Agreement and (or) the Game as a computer program may at any time be restricted, expanded or modified without notification to the Licensee;

If the Game is a computer program, it may be suspended or modified without notice to the Licensee; 6.2.

At any time, the Licensor may edit or remove any information put by the Licensee on the Game Website and other domain names owned and/or operated by the Licensor, including statements and ads from the Licensee;

In the event that a Licensee violates the provisions of the Agreement or the Game Rules, we reserve the right to suspend, limit, or cancel this License Agreement unilaterally and without notice for any or all Licensees;

Licensee's IP addresses, cookies, and other technical information on the Licensee's personal computer may be used to gather and store statistical information and identify Licensees.

6.6. Send Licensee or technical information linked to the Game information messages;

The Licensees must be warned or otherwise made aware of any noncompliance with the terms of this Agreement or the Game Rules or other provisions of this Agreement at any time during the game. The Licensee must follow the Licensor's instructions offered throughout the gaming process;

without notifying the Licensee in advance, change, augment, or update the Game at any time, including the Client's portion of the Game;

It is permitted to take steps that are not banned by law to preserve the Game's intellectual property.

Seven. Licensor's Limitation of Liability
It is up to the Licensee to decide how to utilize the Licensor's resources, the game, and any client-supplied content. The game and the associated rights are made available to you "as is".

If the Licensee or a third party does anything illegal, the Licensor is not and will not be held accountable.

Loss of access to the Licensee's Account in the Game (loss of login, password, other information essential for Licensee's participation in the Game) shall not entitle the Licensor to any compensation.

Without Internet connection, the Licensor is not responsible for the quality of services provided by Internet communication providers with whom Licensee has entered into agreements to offer Internet access services.

When this agreement is terminated, the Licensor is not required to pay back any fees involved with paying the Licensee's Reimbursement, unless as specifically allowed for by relevant law.

No responsibility is assumed by the Licensor for any data that is entered into the Game by the Licensee in an improper or incomplete manner while establishing the Licensee's Account in the Game. 7.6.

If the Licensee participates in the Game, the Licensor is not responsible for any loss of game values $that results from that involvement."

It is not guaranteed by the Licensor:

In order to fulfill the Licensee's standards, the game must: 7.8.1.

8.2: The Licensor's Resources and the issuance of the rights to use the Games shall function without interruption, speed, technical failure, reliability, or error;

it will be possible to get accurate results by using the Game;

7.8.4 The Game will be accessible at all times and may be played at any moment in time or for any length of time you want.

Direct or indirect harm to the Licensee or other third parties incurred as a consequence of the following events:

unable to access the Licensor's resources

Any third-party access to the Licensee's personal information, including the Licensee's Account or Licensee's personal account in the Game, will be prohibited.

Third-party statements or actions on the Licensor's resources are not protected by Section 7.9.3.

Licensor's obligation to Licensee is limited to 1,000 rubles in all situations, unless otherwise specifically permitted by relevant legislation.

As a consequence of Licensee's violation of the Agreement, Licensor does not have to present any proof or documentation to Licensee to support their termination of the Agreement.

A person who is prone to epileptic or other nervous disorders understands, accepts and agrees that the Game may contain various sound and/or video effects that, under certain circumstances, may cause aggravation of illness, and the Licensee guarantees that he or she does not suffer from these disorders and the Licensee undertakes not to use the Game if these disorders occur.

Regular long-term (continuous) use of a personal computer or mobile device may produce a variety of health issues, including decreased eyesight, scoliosis and other types of neuroses and other detrimental impacts on the body. 7.13. There must be a suitable amount of time between uses of the Game, and the Licensee agrees to take pauses for rest or other steps to avoid physical condition if they are indicated or prescribed by the Licensee.

8. The Licensee's Responsibilities
8.1. The Licensee must comply with the following:

By signing this agreement, you agree to adhere by its provisions, including the rules of the game, without any exceptions.

At the time of registration on the Games Website, ensure that the information you enter is correct.

In accordance with the terms of this Agreement, 8.1.3.

Licensor's intellectual property rights will not be violated by the Licensee in any other manner, including but not limited to the Licensee's obligation to not copy, broadcast, mail, publish or otherwise distribute or reproduce any of the Game's content without the prior permission of the Licensor. ;

It is up to each player to take the necessary precautions to keep their game accounts safe from third-party access and illegal usage.

8.1.6. upon the request of the Licensor in connection with the completion and execution of this Agreement, confirm its data, including the last name, first name, middle name, and other data;

Comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the Game Rules, including but not limited to:

For purposes of this Agreement, "Licensee" and "Licensee" refer to each other as "we" and "our." It's the Licensee's responsibility to get the appropriate consent from his parents or legal representatives if the Licensee is under the age of majority (18 years old) or has become entirely incapable within the terms of current legislation.

According to the rules of the game and this agreement, the Licensee has additional duties.

The right to utilize data and instructions that have not been enabled
If the Licensor decides to give access to non-activated data or instructions, the Licensee must comply with the terms of this part of the Agreement.

The Licensor provides the Licensee the right to utilize non-activated data and instructions at the Licensee's choosing.

It is given to the Licensee, under the terms of a basic non-exclusive license, the right to utilize inactive data and instructions for reimbursable compensation.

As a result of paying the agreed-upon remuneration, i.e., after receiving in-game cash in exchange for using non-activated data and commands, the Licensee has access to non-activated data and commands.

The Licensee is given the right to utilize non-activated data and instructions for the length of this Agreement, provided such right is not terminated prior to the execution of the Game scenario, unless the Licensee terminates this Agreement.

The Licensor retains the right to unilaterally alter the Remuneration at any time without providing prior notification to the Licensee. If the Licensor refuses to allow the Licensee to use his or her rights, including the right not to activate non-activated data and commands, for any reason, the Licensee has no right to demand that the Licensor return the previously paid Remuneration, unless otherwise expressly provided by applicable law.

A personal account, which is connected to both the Licensee's Account and his or her personal computer, is immediately created by the Licensor for use in the Game by the Licensee.

If you have any questions about how to refill your personal account or how to make a Remuneration using payment systems, please visit the Games website at The money is sent from the Licensee's account to the Licensor's account using a supported payment mechanism. On the Game Website, you may see a list of payment methods.

As a condition of paying the remuneration, the Licensee agrees to follow the payment instructions, including the rules for sending messages and numbers in short text messages (SMS), as well as the sequence in which such messages and numbers should be included in the SMS. The Licensee is solely responsible for adhering to the payment conditions; the Licensor assumes no responsibility for this. The Licensee should inquire about the regulations and procedures for utilizing payment systems to refill a personal account with legal entities. When payments are made in violation of payment system rules, the Licensor is not required to provide the Licensee with explanations about the rules and procedures for using such payment systems, nor is the Licensor required to reimburse the Licensee for money paid as license compensation for the right to use non-activated data and commands through payment systems.

A restricted license to use non-activated data and instructions cannot be granted by the Licensor to the Licensee until receipt of payment confirmation for the Remuneration.

The Licensee must notify the Licensor and pay the Licensor the Remuneration if, as a result of a technical error, game malfunction, or deliberate action by the Licensee, non-activated data and commands were used in a manner not permitted by this Agreement. The Licensee must take all necessary steps to eliminate the consequences of any illegal use of non-activated data and commands. Licensors may remove unintended implications like this without informing the Licensee beforehand.

As a condition of using the Game, the Licensee is required to maintain all papers indicating that the Remuneration has been paid and to provide the Licensor with information about the circumstances surrounding the making of such payment upon the Licensor's request.

The Licensee is responsible for checking the status of his personal account on a regular basis.

No third-party offers for giving rights to use non-activated data and instructions may be viewed by the Licensee as proposals originating from the Licensor since the Licensor has exclusive distribution and use of the Game.

The Licensee must notify the Licensor immediately if there are any disputes, ambiguities, or offers from third parties related to the payment of the Remuneration for the right to use non-activated data and commands, or the posting of such advertisements and proposals on the Internet, except for the Licensor's Resources and placed on behalf of the Licensor.

Licensor does not reimburse the Licensee if it is found that the Licensee paid for the announcement in violation of these terms using the details specified in the announcement, and the Licensee's claims to the Licensor regarding the Licensee's lack of the right to use non-activated data and commands are not accepted.

Licensor may suspend or limit the Agreement if it deems that the Licensee is able to utilize non-activated data and instructions from third parties, at its discretion.

However, the right to utilize non-activated data and instructions does not relieve the Licensee from any need to comply with the terms of this Agreement or to apply to her/his actions any measures mentioned in this Agreement or the Game Rules.

In the event that the Licensee engages in illegal activity while paying the Remuneration for the right to utilize non-activated data and instructions, the Licensor is not accountable. A suspicion that a Licensee has undertaken illegal conduct may cause the Licensor to unilaterally remove (terminate) the gaming license and (or) the right to utilize non-activated data and instructions. This right is reserved until the facts are fully clarified.

The Licensor may submit relevant information to law enforcement authorities for verification if the Licensor has cause to think the Licensee has committed criminal conduct relating to the payment of the Remuneration for the Right to use non-activated data and instructions.

9.15 Payment by the Licensee of the Remuneration for the Right to Use Non-Activated Data and Commands through bank cards: Aspects

Operations on bank cards may only be carried out by the cardholder or by a person he or she has given permission to do so.

9.16.1. The bank is responsible for authorizing transactions on bank cards. It's perfectly permissible for a bank to refuse to carry out an operation if it has cause to suspect that it's illegal. It is a crime to make unauthorized purchases using a credit or debit card.

9.16.2 The Licensor may review payments made with a bank card to ensure they are legitimate. The Licensee who owns the bank card used to make the payment must supply the Licensor with a copy of the paperwork needed to prove that the card was used lawfully. The Licensor may terminate the Licensee's rights to use the Game if the requisite papers are not supplied within 14 days of the date of payment or if there are suspicions regarding their validity.

9.17. The Licensee is responsible for any fees and charges charged by banks and payment system operators when transferring payments to the Licensor.

It is understood and accepted by the Licensee that the Game is not a game of chance, money, contest, or wager of any kind. 9.19. In order to play the Game, Licensee must acquire a license for the right to use non-activated data and instructions, which is not required or mandated by this Agreement.

10. The Agreement's jurisdiction and length.
To the extent permitted by law and this agreement, the Licensee may play the Game on any territory in the world using any standard computer tool or program within the scope of the Game's capabilities.

10.2 This Agreement is in effect for a period of one calendar year from the date of acceptance by the Licensee.

10.3. If the stipulated period of the Agreement has already expired, the legality of this Agreement is automatically extended for each succeeding year:

There will be no termination of the Licensee's access to the Game or this Agreement if the Licensor does not decide to amend the terms of this Agreement, the requirement for a new agreement with Licensees, termination of Game services and termination of that access.

The Licensee has no say in whether or not the Game will be stopped.

For any cause, at any time and without prior notification to Licensee and without offering any explanation, the Licensor may unilaterally terminate this Agreement without refunding any expenses or damages or refunds obtained under the Agreement, including but not limited to in the event of:

termination of the game by the Licensor, i.e. its cessation of operation;

10.4.2. any breach by the Licensee of the provisions of this agreement or the Game Rules, even if only on a single occasion.

This Agreement may be suspended or terminated at any time without notice to the Licensee and without explanation of the reasons, including in the event of any violation of the terms of this Agreement by the Licensee or of the Rules of the Game, unless otherwise expressly provided for by applicable law.

10.6. The Licensee may terminate this Agreement at any time, without alerting the Licensor and without providing a reason, by deleting the Licensee's account.

All exclusive rights to a localized (translated into appropriate language) game, including game characters, game items and accessories such as coins and in-game values, graphics and photographs, animations and other video images and video clips as well as sound recordings and other audio effects and music belong to the Licensor unless otherwise stated in the Agreement.

It is the responsibility of the Licensee to get the Licensor's prior written authorization before using any game components outside of the game itself.

All elements of the Game (including, but not limited to, characters) are protected by copyright as a computer program, and Licensee agrees to this. It is permissible to manage and develop these game characters in the game scenario but it is not and cannot be regarded as a transfer or assignment of an exclusive right even if a Licensee is granted the right to use activated data and commands and a Right to use non-activated data and commands during the course of using the game. It is likewise impossible to consider the Licensee's character management and development to constitute the authorship of the game character, or even the co-authorship of the game character by the Licensee and the Licensor.

Agreement does not allow for exclusive rights to be transferred from Licensor to Licensee as well as the transfer of rights to play the Game by a Licensee.

Legal restrictions on online gaming may prevent the Licensee from using the Game, such as age limits for accessing such software. In this case the Licensee is prohibited from accessing the Game. When a Licensee uses the Game on its state's territory in violation of local law, the Licensee is solely responsible for doing so.

The Licensor may change this Agreement at any time without notice. Licensor's changes to the Agreement take effect immediately after they appear on the Game Website, if they are published there first. It is the responsibility of the Licensee to check the Agreement for any changes. As long as a company fails to read the agreement and/or any amendments thereto, it will not be held liable for failing to meet its responsibilities and failing to adhere to any limits set out therein.

One or more of the Agreement's terms may become invalid in the future as a result of a court ruling, but this does not invalidate the whole agreement. This means that, if one or more parts of the Agreement have been found to be invalid in accordance with the established process, both parties agree that they will attempt to perform their responsibilities in accordance with the way in which they originally agreed upon.

10.14. Please contact the Licensor if you have any issues about the execution of the Agreement: